Why Is It Important to Invest Smartly In The Era Of Technology Adoption?

Did you know that over 25% of global businesses plan to move totally to cloud-based services? Also, have you noticed that 40% of companies are excited to adopt at least one advanced technology such as AI in their daily work culture? Technology can do wonders to your business only if it is incorporated sustainably and efficiently. A few years ago, people and companies which managed to work harder than others were considered intelligent and ahead of the competition. This equation is not the same today. The wisest individuals or organizations in the future will be those who can enhance their productivity without increasing their labor work. Moreover, the idea of technology is to shift the business from push start to self-start, and it could only be possible with the proper use of technology. 

But it is also observed that many business owners are afraid to introduce new technologies into their businesses. A study shows that around 22% of the businesses lack institutional support, which becomes a barrier to AI adoption. As it is essential to bring technology into business, it is equally important to invest wisely during technology adoption. Let’s face the fact: advanced technology is not a cheap resource; it costs millions to bring into use. Any slightest mistake or over-enthusiastic actions can cost you your hard-earned money. So before investing, let’s consider some important points. 

Potential and Profits 

Will this technology bring the change and results that you are looking for? Will it give you a long-term profitable business? Or does your business require any trendy technology? It is wise to consider these questions before investing heavily into technology. For instance, AI can be useful for many companies such as healthcare, financial services, gaming, etc. It can put results on the table that humans can not think of. 

But for many industries, AI is not considered to be successful today. Always look for your customer’s demands and how new technology can help fulfill them. As done at Phonato Studios, do research properly if the emerging technology can help your business in cost-cutting other resources while producing a healthy return on investment. 

Business Positioning and Employees Conveniences  

The most intelligent thing to consider while investing in technology is how to synchronize your business with modern technology. If you don’t have an answer yet, then step back from investing for now. Having a crystal clear understanding of aligning your business with technology is essential. Also, listening to your employees’ suggestions can be helpful. After all, they are the ones who will work closely with technology. So ask your employees if they are comfortable with specific technologies. Also, ask them if they are willing to undergo the necessary training to run technologies.


Whether you are investing smartly into technology or not, there will always be some risk attached to it. After all, business is about riding the waves of uncertainties and risks, and taking calculated risks is best rather than just jumping into a deep ocean of uncertainty. Keep yourself ready for risky moves and see how you can bounce back even after investing wrongly in technology.

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