Empowering The Future With Mixed Or Hybrid Reality

Imagine living in a world where half of the surroundings are real, and the rest seems to be virtual, where you can literally feel, touch, and experience anything you see on your device’s screen. It may sound like a dream, but humanity is heading towards this kind of reality. 

We are talking about a hybrid or mixed reality world, where the real world gets connected to the virtual world to provide users with more immersive, engaging, and real-life experiences. To define it more precisely, the integration of interactive digitized items with the user’s real-world surroundings is known as Mixed Reality or Hybrid Reality. The worldwide mixed reality market is predicted to achieve a CAGR of 47.9% from 2019 to 2024.

How Will Different Industries Benefit From Hybrid Reality?

Gaming Industry 

When we talk about hybrid reality and its uses at Phonato Studios, the first thought that comes to our mind is games. Hybrid games, a new wave of technology, have provided us with breathtaking experiences. Games that blend a real-world experience with a digital presence and vice versa are known as mixed reality or hybrid games. It implies that while playing a game in the digital world, you may grab a football from the actual world and throw it at anyone. Developers have designed games for every digital wearable gadget, and everyone can play hybrid games thanks to smart contact lenses, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and machine learning.

Construction Industry

The hybrid reality model is not limited to only the gaming industry; it has a fair role to play in constructional services. Hybrid reality will help to create ultra 3D magnifying images to build constructional maps, buildings, and societies. Engineers face many challenges while making a blueprint for architectural structures, which results in mistakes that are not easy to reverse. Hybrid reality can change the equation by providing engineers with technical support so they can make virtual architectural structures. They can take a tour of it and check various parameters of the construction. 

Healthcare Industry 

The healthcare industry will never be the same once hybrid reality enters to manage various functionalities. Hybrid reality gadgets are increasingly assisting medical practitioners and hospitals in a variety of innovative ways. Surgeons employ mixed reality to see X-rays and MRI images in real-time. Moreover, scan images and medical reports are not very clear today, which sometimes leads to misinterpretation of conclusions made by doctors and becomes a hindrance to patient’s treatment. Hybrid reality has the potential to produce ultra-high-definition 3D images which will look exactly the same as the human body. It can transform the knowledge transmission process between medical facilities, thus, creating better ways to understand and treat the disease. 


Imagine talking about mountains or plateaus during science lectures in school; we can make students touch and feel the hills and immerse them in the experience. This can enhance the students’ receptivity, making them more engaged with the learning process. Hybrid reality will take the culture of the smart school to the next level.

Summing up, the hybrid reality is one of the greatest innovations in the history of humankind. Industries that will adopt these technologies will continue to rule the market by providing more real-time experiences to consumers. The era of hybrid reality has already started, and we will see momentum catch speed in the near future. 

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