Lead The Competition: Mobile Games Trends That Will Rule For Another Ten Years

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Lead The Competition: Mobile Games Trends That Will Rule For Another Ten Years

Over the past few years, we have seen a drastic change in the gaming experience. Starting from the old versions of cassette video games to PlayStation games, from Mario games to live streaming games, the gaming industry has come a long way. With the coming up of the latest technologies like 5G, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, robotics, etc., gamers will have the opportunity to experience games like never before, and it is not less than a dream coming true. 

Mobile gaming is the future of gaming. But as a game developer, how will you match the expectations of the gamers? As seen at Phonato Studios, the road to keeping them engaged starts with staying updated with emerging trends. 

Cloud-Based Services Games 

GAAS (Gaming as a Service) is the best thing to ever happen to game platforms and gamers. It is like gaming Netflix for you! Just imagine downloading or live streaming any game of your choice while traveling worldwide. Many web developers and gaming companies are joining hands to make this a reality for gamers. You just need a 5G connection and a smartphone to start your gaming experience anytime. 

Esports Gaming 

Esports gaming applications are on the rise. The worldwide craze for sports led the Esports gaming applications to cross the market value of $1 billion. Until we have sports lovers worldwide, we will continue to see more such trends like this. Developing games for every sport can be a good and profitable idea for game developers.

Games With Socializing Features 

The success of games like PUBG, Fortnite, and Counter-Strike created a whole new industry of socializing games. In the recent COVID-19 pandemic, these games turned out to be game-changers, and they allowed us to interact with people globally and make new friends while playing games. The times when we used to play games in an isolated manner and without any interactions are gone; from now onwards, games that also allow us to socialize at the same time will lead the trend. 

Wearables Tech For Heightened Experiences

Don’t lose a chance to enhance your customer’s experience; after that is all they want. Today most people use wearables daily. Rather than just tracking their health, wearables can also be used to keep track of their game timings and scores or even connect their wearable devices to the gaming applications for important game notifications. 

Puzzles Games and Hyper Casual Games 

Game developers can not ignore easy-to-play games. As we have learned at Phonato Studios, not all game lovers are hardcore intensive players, and some gamers like to play mobile games just to relax their time and have fun. Simple games like puzzle games and hyper-casual games have been trending for a long time and will continue to trend for another ten years also.


The current market value size of the mobile gaming industry is $95 billion, and is expected to reach $420 billion in another six years. That means mobile gaming developers have a bright future ahead.

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