Strategies To Boost Your Mobile App’s Ranking On App Store

Developing a unique mobile app is exciting, but what if it doesn’t reach your target audience? That’s where app store optimization plays an important role. 

App store optimization (ASO) helps boost one’s mobile game or app ranking on the app store, which further increases the app’s visibility before the audience. The higher the visibility, the more traffic to the app and thus results in hundreds of organic app downloads. ASO is for the apps, while SEO is for the websites. Building an app is a talent; increasing its visibility is an art, and ASO is the tool. 

Let’s explore how app developers can stand apart from other apps or games in the app store, attain a higher ranking, and get more organic downloads. 

Factors Affecting ASO

App identity and category define the app on any app store, whether Google or Apple. It includes the app’s title, description, icon, and uniqueness, and it is everything added to the app information before submitting it. 

Quick Tips To Enhance Your App’s Appearance

  • Keyword Search

Including keywords in your app description will help in boosting your ranking in search engines. Choosing an appropriate keyword can help your app reach a wider audience and thus increases your chances of organic downloads. Using as many keywords as possible for your app will positively impact search results. 

  • Title Selection

The title selection is a crucial part of app identification as people make choices based on your app’s title and introduction. Try to keep your title short and crispy, engaging, and compelling for the users. The same goes for the description. Let your audience know about your app in an easy, interactive, and captivating way. 

Keep the character count in mind while using keywords and an interactive tone for your app’s title and description. App Store allows for 30 characters, whereas google play store allows 50 characters for the title. Also, short descriptions can be 252 characters for the app store and 255 for the google play store, and long descriptions are usually 4000 characters for both apple and google stores. 

  • Visual Appearance

Your app’s visibility will attract your customers. So, include appealing, interactive pictures, logos, icons, graphics, and little videos. Offer your audience something exceptional they couldn’t resist but download. 

  • App Engagement & Rating

App engagement and rating are usually done after the app launch. It includes interacting with the users, getting their feedback, improving the app, and updating it for a better experience. 

  • Consistent Updates

Even after the app is launched, don’t forget about it irrespective of the fact whether it’s doing good or bad. Keep updating your app. It helps in better user experience and satisfaction. Also, it will help in the app’s ranking. It will create interest among the users in the updated features and make them feel valued. Customers will start trusting you and wait for more features and app updates. 

  • Interaction With Customers

Interacting with the customers is one of the essential steps for any business. Communicating with customers gives an insight into the users’ expectations and experience with the app. As a developer, you will never find flaws or bugs in the app, but customers can guide you in this process of improving your app. Taking frequent customer feedback will help you know more about your app’s performance than other analytics. Also, responding to their reviews or comments will help build a connection with your customers, and they will consider you a reliable and genuine brand. 

Final Thoughts

ASO is crucial for mobile apps to reach your target market and encourage them to download your app. Putting everything into creating your app is futile unless you have an audience to experience. So, build your app and optimize it the best way possible to make a difference in the lives of millions.  

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