The Evolution Of The Gaming Industry

Over the years, we have seen a radical change in the gaming industry. The first thing that always came to our mind when we thought of games was video games. However, the last decade is clear proof of how technology has revolutionized the gaming industry and shifted gamers from bigger screens to mobile gaming.


In such a scenario, the question arises, what will the gaming industry look like, 20 years from now? How will the graphics evolve, and what are the chances of integrating real life with make-believe? To make predictions and assumptions, we will have to take a look at the innovations steering the course of the gaming industry. Let’s understand some of them in detail: 

Cloud Gaming 

Cloud gaming is an on-demand gaming experience where anyone can get access to any game at any place. The only things required are a good internet connection and a smart device. 

Isn’t it wonderful that, just like Netflix, you can live stream a game any time? You will need a subscription plan, and you are good to go to play or download any game. 

The need for a local gaming console like Xbox or Playstation might no longer be there as now, we can entertain ourselves with over-the-cloud games. We have smartphones with even hyper-realistic performance graphic capabilities, allowing us to play games even while traveling, on any compatible device, just like we livestream any movie. 

Virtual Reality (VR) And Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences

The integration of AR and VR with gaming devices is the next big thing in the gaming industry. While VR helps make games look more immersive and realistic, AR makes it more addictive by adding natural environment sounds, visual elements, and sensory stimuli. This gaming experience is enough to give an adrenal rush to human beings! 

The ARC industry states, “The AR and VR market was estimated to grow to $140.1 billion by 2026.” In the coming years, VR and AR devices will be much more gamer-friendly; unlike today, they will be more affordable. So get ready for the games through which you can experience the world through a device!

Hybrid Games: Mixing The Real World With The Virtual World  

The new wave of technology has given us breathtaking experiences in the form of hybrid games. Mixed reality or hybrid games combine a real-world experience with a digital presence and vice-versa. It means you can grab a ball from the real world and throw it to anyone while playing the game in the digital world. 

Developers have created games for every digital wearable device, and with the help of smart contact lenses, AI, blockchain, and machine learning, anyone can experience hybrid games, a space that is expected to boom soon.

Gaming can become an epicenter for human entertainment in the coming future. It is projected that approximately half of the global population will likely get involved with mobile games in another ten years. The future of the gaming industry will be so affordable and accessible that the majority of the masses will enjoy it. 

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