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No game developer wants to wake up to bad customer feedback. And yet, there is probably not a single mobile gaming app development company that’s a stranger to complaints and scammy reviews. 


If you always look for ways through which you can elevate your games, like the team at Phonato Studios, then customer feedback can be a goldmine of information through which you can enhance your offerings. However, too many negative reviews can be extremely harmful to your company’s reputation. 


Let’s deal with the aftermath of being hit with a bad review. What should be done if a game that took 2-3 years to build is getting several user complaints? What do you do if you’re hit with a deluge of negative reviews by paid spammers with the agenda to bring your business down? Read on to know: 

Understanding Reviews

Before we go on to talk about ways to tackle spammy reviews, let’s break down the type of complaints that game developers generally receive. A review can either present a factual observation or an opinion — how a person feels after playing your game. Now, dealing with the latter can be pretty tricky.


Statements like, “I hate the graphics,” or “I keep losing because the game is too hard” are opinions. If you notice that these statements have some truth behind them, you can consider making improvements and informing the reviewer once the upgrades are made. In the meantime, don’t forget to apologize and tell them that you’re working on it.


On the other hand, always remember that people have different perspectives and different ways of looking at things. They are entitled to have an opinion about your game, regardless of whether you think it’s wrong or right and, at the end of the day, the player is the king! Therefore, trying to prove a reviewer wrong in an aggressive manner can work against you. 


However, factually incorrect reviews can be addressed easily. For instance, if a reviewer erroneously mentions that there is only one free match offered in your game, you can politely point to how they can access other offerings. More importantly, don’t forget to appreciate them for taking the time to offer feedback. 

What About Spammy Reviews?

Did you know that the forces behind spammy reviews are a part of a million-dollar industry? That’s right. If your game is causing ripples in gaming communities, your competitors might attempt to malign you with paid, spammy reviews.


Luckily, Google and popular app stores take spam seriously. Report comments from suspicious accounts as soon as possible. If that does not help, bank on the power of the community you have built by highlighting the fact that your game’s listing is being flooded with bad reviews. Don’t leave them unaddressed if it’s hurting your bottom line and reputation!

About Phonato Studios

With over 10 million downloads of its mobile gaming apps, Phonato Studios has built a niche in the industry with its premier digital products and gaming applications. The company was founded in 2013 by tech entrepreneurs Raghib Khan and Faisal Abidi. Equipped with the latest scam and fraud prevention technologies, its offerings are specially crafted to deliver safe, and memorable customer experiences.