Trigger Words That Are Getting You Marked as Spam: Raghib Khan & His Team Share Tips

E-mail marketing remains one of the most impactful forms of business marketing. The average rate of opening an email is 82 percent, and 49 percent of consumers agreed that they would love promotional emails from their favorite brands weekly. However, if your emails end up in your customers’ spam box, you are far from leveraging those statistics. 


Spam is a pretty common term in the email world. Our marketing team at RNF Technologies often finds reasons such as the absence of authentication records, no permission to send emails, IP address identified as spam, and domain reputation that lead businesses to end up in the spam category. 


However, in some cases, it’s just the content. Certain words trigger your business mail that activates the spam filter regardless of your efforts. In this blog, our marketing team and our founder, expert Raghib Khan, share the list of the ultimate trigger words and some tips to make the most out of email marketing.


Email service providers look for several factors to identify emails as spam. This includes:


  • No unsubscribe buttons
  • Poorly-designed mails with glitches and broken codes
  • Hard-to-read and absurd fonts
  • All caps-text and too much punctuation
  • Attaching links to fraudulent websites


While categorizing emails as “spam,” the email service seeks for reputation and credibility. Here is a list of words that you must refrain from using in your content:


  1. As seen on
  2. Clearance
  3. Order
  4. Buy direct
  5. Near you
  6. Double your
  7. Home-based
  8. Home employment
  9. Opportunity
  10. Affordable
  11. Bargain
  12. Cheap claims
  13. Collect
  14. Compare rates
  15. Cost 
  16. Credit bureaus
  17. Earn 
  18. Easy terms
  19. Incredible deal
  20. No cost/ no fees
  21. Price
  22. Profit
  24. Why pay more?
  25. US dollars
  26. Full refund
  27. Stock alert
  28. Stock pick
  29. Requires initial investment
  30. Lower interest rates
  31. Lower your mortgage rate
  32. Your income
  33. Pre-approved
  34. Lifetime
  35. Lose 
  36. General
  37. Miracle
  38. Medium
  39. Success
  40. Stop 
  41. Dear
  42. Friend
  43. Hello
  44. Ad
  45. Increase your sales
  46. Increase your traffic
  47. Member
  48. Month trial offer
  49. Not spam
  50. Sale
  51. Sales
  52. Unsubscribe
  53. Visit our website
  54. Lose weight
  55. Valium
  56. Stop snoring
  57. 50% off
  58. Call/ deal
  59. Unsolicited 
  60. Free trial/ free sample


The trigger words aren’t restricted to the 60 mentioned above. Over-sensationalizing, over-promising, and too much effort to stand out or create “eye-catching” mails instill a sense of mistrust among email service providers. With the rising cases of spam and fraud, the rules have become stricter with more sophisticated filters to protect email users. Therefore, businesses need to stick to the best practices for actual engagement. On the parting note, our experts at RNF Technologies advise you to personalize and keep it casual. Remember, ultimately, you are engaging with your customers who are just like you. Framing content that overpromises a positive will not only cut your email marketing outcome and end you up in the spam box but also ruin your business reputation.