Coffee with Caffeine: What Our Expert, Raghib Khan, Has to Say on The Google Update?

The Google search engine updates its algorithm 500 to 600 times a year as per industry experts. That roughly falls somewhere between once or twice every single day. 

As an IT services and product development company, our teams at RNF Technologies have to deal with them every day to serve our clients better- from striving for better ranking to improving online visibility. Out of those gazillion updates, in this blog, our founder, Raghib Khan, and his team of SEO experts will be talking about one particular update- CAFFEINE. But before we jump onto the expert insights, here’s what you need to know to get familiar with:


  • This Google 2010 update was one of the biggest changes in its infrastructure
  • It was done to keep pace with the relentless changes in the Internet and handle the data
  • It changed the design of SERPs that can still be recognized 
  • It includes incremental crawling and indexing process


Before the Caffeine update, the index was updated only every four months in 2000. However, by the end of 2001, the update frequency reached once every month to avoid crashing. The search became way more rapid, and the content was more dynamic than the search engine anticipated. 


With the introduction of more dynamic content, frequent updates over websites, and live updates, Caffeine offered the much-needed boost for the search engine. 


Although several layers and technicalities go into the update, our founding expert, Raghib Khan, and his SEO team will be shedding light only on those pointers relevant to businesses. 


An important thing to note is that CAFFEINE doesn’t affect the searcher (aka the consumer) but heavily impacts the backend (aka businesses). Here’s what you need to know:


  1. The CAFFEINE update reduces its time for new information to appear on the screen. This indicates that the content quality and relevance need to be much higher.


  1. It has increased competitiveness and has made it difficult for businesses to keep a high search engine ranking. 


  1. CAFFEINE has dramatically reduced download time, meaning that your website needs to be faster. Too much loading time can cost you business while losing out leads.


  1. The update was done to keep pace with the specificity of web searchers. 

Consumers are now more precise about their wants. Therefore, keep your website as uniquely detailed and fresh as possible.


According to our expert, Raghib Khan, spam, fraud, and senseless content are also being punished by CAFFEINE. This update has created a “caffeinated environment” for businesses. Being complacent will cause brands to lose their virtual ground. 

Our Pro Tip:

To be vigilant and proactively engage with customers across all platforms. Google will not wait for companies to keep pace with it and push them down the ranking into the web world.