How To Get More Mobile Game App Downloads?

To stay profitable, mobile game app development companies have to continuously look for different ways and means to bring in new gamers. Phonato Studios too, strives to innovate and take its games to the next level to capture the attention of prospects, an endeavor that has sparked 10 million downloads of its offerings in recent months. With an undeterred focus on creative innovation and in-app fraud/scam prevention, the company is walking the extra mile to get more users and retain them on the apps for extended periods of time. In this piece, we will quickly walk you through a few strategies that will help you to gain more app downloads: 
  • A Lightbulb Moment 
No gaming app can succeed without being built on the concrete foundation of a fantastic idea! This is what sets it apart from millions of other apps in the market. The idea that drives your game should attract, motivate, and engage. But don’t worry; this does not mean that you have to come up with something that’s totally different.  Take PUBG, as an example. There are countless shooter mobile games available out there, but what makes PUBG a global phenomenon? One of the reasons it is so popular is the availability of a seamless voice chat feature. This simple integration makes it possible for gamers on the same team to chat with each other and also with others in their virtual vicinity, which has proved to be a major gamechanger.  
  • Embrace Sleekness
If your gaming app does not look good, people are not going to stay on it for much longer, no matter how many ads you run every day. Before you go on to market it, make sure that you address major glitches that may hamper the gaming experience.  The design must be top-notch, and the character art must be exceptional (with the inclusion of 3D graphics) to keep users engaged. That’s the key to ensuring that they do not press the “uninstall” button right after the first game.  
  • Reviews Matter 
As we believe at Phonato Studios, word-of-mouth marketing is your best friend in the gaming world. If the community is complaining of in-game fraud and scams, you have a major problem that requires instant redressal, as this will repel others from experiencing your games.  Reviews by YouTube gamers and ratings by other users matter a lot. If yours are on the sunnier side, you can leverage them to promote your offerings organically. However, when you get brickbats, do take them into consideration while updating your app for an improved playing experience.


These measures can be instrumental in grabbing the eyeballs of potential users. As a bonus tip, we recommend making your gaming app more social to create a community playing experience. This can help you to attract droves of players in a very short span of time. After this is done, introduce your game to the market and promote its best features on forums, video-based social media platforms, and of course, by roping in YouTube influencers to spread the word.