Stand Out On Google Play Store: Top Tips From Phonato Studios

Your Google Play Store listing can make or break your mobile gaming app’s success. It is the key to getting discovered by players looking to get their hands on the latest hot games. However, with so many competitors out there, getting noticed by your target audience is by no means easy, which is why you must leave no stone unturned to optimize your listing. A great one will also help you to distinguish your app from the fraudulent, scammy ones out there. 


By focusing on the three most important aspects of a Google Play Store listing (app description, screenshots, and a video trailer), we will quickly walk you through effective ways to make it more attractive and eye-catching:

  • App Description
Keep everything that’s superfluous out of the app description. Yes, the copy needs to be fun and engaging; but don’t go overboard with flowery words. Remember that most people don’t click on the “read more” button; in fact, they don’t go beyond the first 3-4 lines.  What you need is simply a short description of what your game is all about. Take the copy of Subway Surfers’ listing as an example. The “about this game” section gives you a quick overview of the game’s plot and your primary goal as a player, “Help Jake, Tricky & Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspector and his dog!”  If your game has a unique feature that’s a huge plus and helps you differentiate your offering from your competitors, make sure that you include it in the description.  
  • Screenshots 
When it comes to images of your game, people want to see the real deal — not that of the major characters clumped together in a collage. This misleads installers into thinking that the game is fraudulent when it doesn’t turn out to be anything like the images.  Give them a clear view of your game and steer clear from including excessive text in this particular case. Have at least five or six high-quality images taken in varied environments from actual matches. Show them your mobile game in action! 
  • Video Trailer 
This preview asset can work wonders in convincing your audience to hit the “Install” button, especially if your app will needs sizeable storage space. This helps them get an idea of the gameplay, and if it’s as sleek and attractive as you claim it to be, they may even overlook the problem of enormous file sizes.  To make a quick trailer, all you have to do is record a few ongoing games. Get some of the best scenes together to give users a montage of the best moments. Again, it’s important not to mislead users about what to expect from your game. The rate of uninstalls may rapidly go up if this is not taken care of. 

Signing Off

These are a few starter tips that will help your mobile gaming app shine on Google Play Store. If you play your cards right, these changes can play a crucial role in influencing players when they are deciding whether they should hit the “Install” button. Hope this helps!