How To Come Up With Exceptional Gaming App Ideas?

As Co-Founders of Phonato Studios, Faisal Abidi and I are often asked this question, “How do you guys come up with so many ideas to create gaming apps?”


Our product development company’s gaming apps have already crossed 10 million downloads. Currently, we also build mobile apps for our clients, given that we have a pool of resources and a skilled team by our side. 


Yes, getting ideas for gaming apps is no easy task. Of course, one may have a “Eureka!” moment, but a lot of work goes into envisaging an app that’s scalable and destined to make it big in the competitive arena of mobile gaming. 


If you are a beginner in this arena or have encountered a massive creative block, don’t fret! Here are a few strategies to help you get mobile gaming app ideas that click:

  • Hit the “play” button 

Games are a portal to a magical world; it gives us an opportunity to take a break and escape from reality for an exciting, adrenaline-fuelled adventure. 


But from the point of view of a game developer, it is important to remember that a lot of ingredients go into making a successful game. The competition is cut-throat and keeping gamers engaged is a different ballgame altogether. 


Therefore, to develop games that strike a chord, market research is a must. 


To understand the market, it is essential to play a lot of games. Don’t restrict yourself to one genre. Play single-player ones, RPGs, as well as experiment with multiplayer gameplays keeping all of their features in mind. The storylines, characters, gameplay mechanics may just prove to be powerhouses of inspiration for your next BIG idea.

  • Emulate, don’t copy 

While starting out, many gaming companies bring their rip-off versions of famous games to the market. However, building a clone app won’t work in your favor if you want to stand out. In fact, the app in itself may also come off as scammy. 


While it is always good to take inspiration from the masters of game design, your app should bear the hallmarks of YOUR imagination and creativity. It can always draw from successful apps, but it needs to be unique in itself in terms of characters, design, gaming environment, or storyline.

  • Tap into the real world

People love mobile games because they allow them to do the impossible. Therefore, observe the real world around you and think about what fantastical things you won’t be able to do. Saving the world from an apocalypse, tackling a dragon with a magical spear are just some of the instances! 


Another route would be to give gamers a taste of something that’s part and parcel of the real world, such as a farm, or a factory. At the end of the day, creativity is all about looking at things from a different perspective. Ideas can spark from some of the most mundane places, so do keep your eyes open!

  • Connect with gamers

One of the best ways to come up with gaming ideas is to participate in forums that take the art of gaming seriously. 


Put yourself bang in the middle of productive game-related conversations on Discord and Reddit. Talk to gamers and game developers. 


This way, you get to know their pain points and what they’d like to see in upcoming mobile gaming ups. Such conversations can be treasure troves of inputs that can help you map out a brand new game.

  • Pick a genre 

After getting ideas from the community and immersing yourself in a library of games, it’s time to pull up your socks and choose a genre that gets you excited!


Being able to narrow your focus down is half the battle won because you’ll immediately be able to identify your target audience, your competitors, and what kind of design would draw the average user to your gaming app. 


This technique works wonders for Faisal and me while conceptualizing mobile gaming apps at Phonato Studios. Once we choose a theme and a genre, we play a little game of our own! We give ourselves 10 minutes to pen down one-liner game concepts. These can merely be a collection of words on which we can brainstorm and build our ideas. It’s incredible how many ideas one can come up with when one puts up such limitations!

It’s time to get to work!

The gaming industry has never looked so exciting! If you have been on the fence about making your foray into the market, now is the best time because we are in the midst of a mobile gaming boom. 


Have a light bulb idea? Get in touch with a game development company such as Phonato Studios to give wings to it!